The objective of our project is to enhance our understanding of the demand and supply side factors shaping the illegal trade of the following goods:  

– smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes; unregistered tobacco trade  

– smuggled and counterfeit alcohol products

– smuggled fuel and derivatives; illegally processed crude oil  

– smuggled mobile phones 


To fulfill the above objectives, we designed a field survey with consumers in 12 NUTS 1 regions of Turkey.

 The survey aims to understand the motivation behind demand for illegal products. More specifically, we compared consumers not preferring illegally traded goods and consumers consciously preferring these goods. The field survey was conducted between December 2, 2019 and 11 March 2020. In total, 4,924 survey interviews were completed in the 12 NUTS 1 regions 

We also realized in-depth interviews with experts and various stakeholders to understand the spatial and organizational structure of supply in the illegal trade: how smuggled and counterfeit goods reach the “market”, how and where they are sold and finally what types of networks are used for the distribution of these illegal goods. In-depth interviews with business associations, law enforcement officers, lawyers, retailers, etc. allowed us to analyze production, marketing and the organization of illegal trade networks. The in-depth interviews started on 14 November 2019 and were completed on 23 February 2020. Overall, 228 interviews were conducted in 22 provinces distributed across 12 NUTS 1 regions.

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